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Karen Kertesz
Feng Shui Consultant Sydney, Australia
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Win Back Your Time
Improve your life with Feng Shui
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Home feng shui

A home visit providing feng shui recommendations including a unique checklist showing you the ideal way to bring harmony to your home and surrounds to achieve your personal and environmental goals.

  • Feel better about your home, experience more family harmony and be amazed at the difference even subtle feng shui changes make.
  • 2 hour in-person professional consultation, prepared individualised report including 5 weeks of unlimited contact, and a review to check results for any further refinements.
  • Ongoing support allows you to check-in and gain feedback on your progress or help you to make other feng shui-related decisions.
  • A personalised visit gives you the benefit of Karen’s holistic, intuitive and caring service.



Free feng shui health check.

Does your home need feng shui?
Some results from clients showing the benefits of feng shui:
life partner Attracted life partner
career Clarity in career
family Family harmony
friends Negative neighbours no more
Selling your home?

Your home will be at its most balanced and harmonious for inspection by potential buyers, especially those with an interest in feng shui!

Is the property an Investment?

If your property is tenanted, find out how to keep your occupants happy for a stable, reliable income for your portfolio.

Garden feng shui

How to arrange your desired landscape elements in a balanced and harmonious way for enjoyment, good health and good fortune.

New homes

The best time to start feng shui is at the concept and designing phase. Add a feng shui perspective to make the most of the ‘ch’i’ or vital energy component of your home. Alternatively, feng shui can still be applied if your home is already built to provide the most uplift to your environment by way of colour, furniture and other materials.

Business feng shui

Does your office need feng shui? know more

Win Back Your Time

In order to bring the ancient practice of feng shui to a wider audience, Karen has written her first book. “Win Back Your Time” is written for busy women a fusion between training the mind’s perspective on time with complementary easy-to-follow feng shui adjustments. This book helps women create and free up more time to do what they love and gives them a specific, practical taste of feng shui without having to wade through a mountain of information on the topic.

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