What colour should I choose for my home?

Posted on June 21, 2016

Colour is a wonderful way to create a loving welcome feeling in your home. Deciding on a stimulating or relaxing mood can directly enhance the atmosphere you are desiring to achieve.

Choosing colour needn’t be complicated. Here are my top suggestions.
  1. To honour the dynamic nature of our ever evolving personal tastes, it is useful to stick with a main neutral colour scheme throughout your home. Then add accents of colour through the placement of soft furnishings, artwork, plants and other decorative items to enhance your home with the particular mood that you want. Perhaps yours is an overall warmer beige and earthy basic theme or a cooler white, grey and black combination. In either case, the introduction of vibrant colour will balance and provide uplift for your home environment. Easy to move items can be adjusted and positioned around the home if you feel like a bit of a change, or replaced easily as your tastes mature.
  2. Most importantly choose colours that nourish your soul. These colours will energetically support the person you are now and the one you are becoming. Just because it looks good in a magazine or on TV, it may not be the right energetic match for you. To identify the colours that you are aligned with, collect a few home and fashion magazines. Without thinking, just using a reflex action, flick through the pages for a few minutes and rip out any pictures that jump out at you that you really like (you don’t need to know why.) Once you have finished lay the pictures out and look for any colours that tend to repeat themselves. These will represent the colours that resonate most with you that can be introduced into your environment to feed your soul. You may be surprised with what you discover!
  3. Colour symbolises different meanings in different cultures and from person to person. As an example, in Chinese culture, auspicious red symbolizes abundance and prosperity. Colour is also an important Feng Shui cure. Are you looking for growth in an area of your life? Green and blue are colours to use for this purpose and also in children’s rooms.
    Calming earthy colours are great for bedrooms that help to rest the body and mind for healthy slumber.
    Active rooms are best having lighter, more stimulating ‘yang’ colours such as white and light pastels. Keep the function of the room in mind as well as if the room is for doing more active things, or just relaxing.
Above all have fun with colour and by choosing the colours that you absolutely love while honouring the function of the rooms you have in your home you will provide balance and an energetic uplift that is so important for good health, happiness and longevity.

Let your imagination run wild!

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