Are you looking to:

  • Improve the way your home feels?

  • Reconnect with your home on a deeper level?

  • Discover how your home is affecting your life?

  • Increase the quality of the energy in your home?

If this sounds like you, Karen from Emerald Space is a Sydney- based feng shui consultant offering online and in person consultations.

Meet Karen Kertesz

Karen is a caring feng shui consultant with 8 years of professional experience. From her home office overlooking her beautiful rural property, Karen services the Sydney metropolitan area.

Podcast on Youtube with Ola, from Start with Self.

She also conducts quality remote consultations with the help of satellite maps, client house plans and photographs. As an observant and thorough feng shui consultant, Karen Kertesz can offer you amazing insights of your home or business energy blueprint, making sure you get the most positive and optimal energy flow and balance you’ve ever experienced.

Specialising in landform and Western style feng shui, combined with intuition and strategy based Qi Men Dun Jia, Karen can confidently guide you to adjust, balance and optimise the energies in your building including floor plan assessment all the way to furniture placement and elemental enhancements, remedies and energy activation dates.

Feng shui is perfect for anyone who intends to upgrade their home or business energy blueprint or balance and optimise the energies for family or staff members. Harmonious personal relationships, improved income, new opportunities and finding helpful people along the way- this is the result of having great feng shui!  Its about creating a life of excellence!

We can save you a lot of heartache and environmental and relationship stress by aligning your building with universal energies for success in life.

        Author of ‘Win Back Your Time’

Slow down and free up more time to do what you love!

Create time in your busy life using unconventional methods!

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House Plan Analysis

Are you ready to discover your home’s energy signature?

Karen provides quality feng shui house plan analysis for both larger projects or smaller projects across Sydney or remotely, Australia-wide.

Find out what aspects of life are supported in your home and how to remedy the others.

Karen specialises in

  • Residential homes
  • Factory units
  • Apartments
  • Bedrooms
  • Home offices
  • Study areas
  • Children’s rooms
Why not book Karen for a work or school presentation?

Karen would be honored to share her knowledge and skills with primary, high school children or staff or other interested community groups. 

Contact her to organised a custom presentation for your particular needs.

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Interior feng shui

We offer floor plan analysis, personal or family auspicious areas as well as elemental, yin yang balance, remedies and energy enhancements for residential and commercial buildings in Sydney and remotely.

Whether its a single room, family residence or commercial unit, we recommend feng shui solutions that promote positive energy to nurture you and your team or loved ones in your home or business. This, in line with your personal preferences and aligned with your goals in business or life.

Through the use of several metaphysics tools, including landform feng shui, the timeless bagua, 8 Mansions, annual Flying stars and Qi Men feng shui and strategy, our feng shui consultants artfully and intuitively balance and harmonise a variety of spaces, from functional kitchens and wet areas to offices that people are drawn to and love to be in while they work.

We not only deliver a thoroughly analysed building layout, but complete a written checklist or report so that you can focus on enjoying learning insights and being inspired during your consultation. Our business also analytically and intuitively recommends elemental, bagua and yin yang features to help bring positive energy into your bedroom, living areas, kitchens and other indoor and outdoor spaces.

Room analysis

Are you making the most of the prosperous energy, energy with vitality or healing energy in your home?

Karen provides quality feng shui room analysis for both larger spaces or smaller rooms such as bedrooms or home offices across Sydney or remotely.

We are feng shui experts for 

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Living areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Garages and carports
  • Patios and gazebos
  • Entrances
  • Front gardens
  • Storage areas
  • Parents’ retreats
  • Rumpus rooms
Find out how to balance and boost the energy in your chosen spaces.

Bedroom feng shui

Feng shui for love

We offer comprehensive and caring bedroom and home feng shui for singles, couples and divorcees wanting to improve love energy.

An energetically realigned and enhanced bedroom, living area or home in general can make a huge impact on the love energy that is present in your living spaces and life.

In addition, 8 Mansions and love energy activation will have you zinging and magnetising love energy in no time!

An adjusted sleeping area that is comfortable and balanced for love can welcome a new partner into your space and life, or give  your current relationship the boost that it needs to continue a life of companionship and growth.

Regardless of your love and romance situation, Karen is an expert when it comes to love and romance feng shui analysis. Her training includes Bazi human synastry analysis and Qi Men analysis to help understand a current situation and the likely outcome of particular actions. 

Colour, Elements and Yin-Yang balance

We offer colour, elemental representation and yin-yang balancing options for both interior and exterior spaces. Whether you are looking at warming up your space or bringing harmony to a clean, modern backdrop, we offer wonderful clour and element-balancing ideas.

Whether you need help discovering the colours that your soul needs right now or colour pallets that enhance your business purpose and goals, we can offer you colour, element and yin-yang recommendations.

Choosing the right colours, elements and having yin-yang balance will help to create a harmonised building filled with positive, flowing energy that is a pleasure to live or work in.

Giving your home or business an energy upgrade can have an amazing and positive impact on the well-being of your staff or family. When your space is aligned with who you really are or your business purpose and you match this with universal energy, your thoughts and actions, incredible things can happen.

Entrances, foyers and garden feng shui

Your entrance is the ‘mouth of qi’ where visitors and residents gather before being welcomed into your building. It is an important space and needs to function securely while at the same time be inviting to guests. An entrance and foyer can serve as a wonderful first impression for new visitors and welcome back residents or staff.

A spacious foyer will allow energy to settle before being distributed throughout the building.

Landforms surrounding your home or business are also important sources of energy.

Land features and local topography including other buildings and electric wires can impact your building and the people within.

Regardless of street configurations and other external energy challenges we can mitigate these with feng shui remedies. 


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“Karen came to assess my home office space. I didn't feel comfortable, I didn't like the space and my business was stuck. I moved things around as Karen suggested and the following month I qualified for a promotion! ”

Csilla, Sydney

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“Karen was very hands on in re-organising and sorting my home office. She explained the reasoning behind the new arrangement, and it was unlike any that I had thought of. Now, I have an inviting and productive work space. Business has improved markedly!”

Brett, Sydney

"I needed help in organising my home office. It was a mess and I didn't know where to start or what to keep. At the end I felt energized and comfortable, and very happy with the outcome. "

Justin, Sydney

"I really enjoyed my remote consultation. Thank you Karen. After I made the changes you recommended, I could feel the energy change straight away."

Gene, Perth

The latest from the blog

Originally developed to analyse auspicious graveyards, ‘dwellings for the dead’ to allow auspicious qi to flow on to a person’s descendants, feng shui can be literally translated as ‘wind-water.

Now, feng shui is used to improve the energy associated with the homes and workplaces of the living.

Environmental and psychology studies have confirmed what ancient feng shui masters already knew; that the quality of the qi in your environment affects the quality of your health, wealth and relationships.

Qi (chi) or life force, cannot be seen, but is vital to have in body, mind, emotions and environment.

Qi is the driving force behind the quality of our relationships and the way we experience and view life.

Qi can be harnessed, distributed and boosted using feng shui principles. 

A living or working space with flowing, nourishing qi bathes residents and office workers with positive energy for their wellbeing.

I’m so glad you asked! De-cluttering goes a long way in clearing and lifting the energy vibration of a room, home or building.

I like to think of decluttering from a microscopic perspective. In the blood, tiny white blood cells ‘mop up’ and clean the environment. When you clean and clear your living spaces, you are doing the very same thing with your environment!

Once your home is clean and clear, your feng shui changes and activations have a much more powerful effect. Think of a car engine that is well maintained, or a body that is fit and healthy, and able to keep up with physical demands.