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Karen Kertesz

Feng Shui Consultant Sydney, Australia

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Win Back Your Time

Does your home need positive energy?
Is your office lacking money energy flow?
Do you personally need positive energy?

An experienced feng shui consultant with extensive knowledge and caring nature, Karen can offer you high quality analysis for a home with positive energy flow in adjusted spaces that feel fantastic! Call meemail me

Meet Karen Kertesz

From her spacious positive energy-filled home office overlooking acreage in Sydney Hills District, Karen services onsite Sydney metropolitan area homes.
Online; the rest of Australia and beyond!

Karen’s comprehensive positive energy flow assessment saves you confusion, unrest and money when you optimize your current furniture, belongings and landscape and create spaces that truly speak to your soul.

Positive energy flow means a better home, a better life AND a better you which helps to create a better destiny for you and the whole family.

Karen not only assesses your positive energy flow in your home but she creates an easy to follow action checklist, colour and furniture alignment suggestions and best of all, a personalized comprehensive strategy that aligns with the personal or professional goals you are working towards as part of your consultation.

A feng shui consultation with Emerald Space will leave you feeling energised and innspired, with a space that feels great OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Bedroom feng shui

  • If you want to turn your bedroom into a couple’s paradise, then Karen from Emerald Space is the person to talk to. She is an expert when it comes to creating an elementally balanced and calming space that you will absolutely love.
  • Soft furnishings and manchester choices.
  • Correct mirrors and cabinets placement.
  • Closet and cupboard organisation.
  • Bed placement and bedroom energy optimization.




Do you have cluttered spaces?
Does your home not feel right?

Blockages in your home translate to problems in your life.

Some results from clients showing the benefits of feng shui:

life partner
Attracted life partner
Good career decisions
Family harmony
Attractednew friends
Buying, selling, renovating, building, investing?

Feng shui is an alternative to property styling for furnished homes to attract buyers. Avoid harmful structures and design by using feng shui principles to create harmonious buildings or renovations.

Romance, relationships and mental health

Discover how your building is preventing you from finding a suitable partner, causing friction in relationships and contributing to stress, depression and anxiety. Or adding to the stress of divorce and separation.

Finance and career

Discover your auspicious locations and directions for boosting your career and money related issues. Find out how to improve your decision making and networking mojo.

Help with study

Does your teenager lack motivation? Feng shui can help refocus your child in their studies by adjusting and balancing their environment to align with who they are now and the person they are becoming.


Business feng shui

Is your office sterile or cluttered and uncomfortable? Are you unable to retain staff?
Learn more

Win Back Your Time

Are you curious about how you can apply feng shui in your own life?
How about starting with saving time?
“Win Back Your Time” combines positive mindset with simple feng shui adjustments to create more free time to do what you love.
It also comes with a downloadable journal.

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