5 feng shui secrets for travelling

Posted on July 10, 2018

Are you about to travel with suitcases? Over a few destinations? By yourself or with your family? Read on to discover how I injected a little feng shui into my own holiday and how you can do the same…

  1. 1. Cover the mirror in the bedroom. It is more widely known that these reflective surfaces, especially large ones, are too activating for the bedroom. What that means is the energy is bouncing around and does not bode well for restful sleep. It still astounds me that hotels continue to think that this is a good idea. If you arrive dishevelled and tired from a long flight or day of travel, then these effects will be compounded. If you can, drape a large towel or other fabric over the mirror to harmonise its effects.

  2. 2. Make sure your bed is in the commanding position- locate a trundle or children’s beds elsewhere. I noticed this on holiday when it appeared that my child seemed to be calling all the shots one day. Hmmm, I thought. Checking the room when we returned, I observed straight away that her bed was in the power position of the room. As we were moving on the next day, I made sure that her bed was in a better position and channelled the energy back to us!  I noticed the following day that there was less whingeing and she had a more balanced mood. 

  3. 3. Within reason, adjust the contents of your holiday apartment. As a feng shui consultant, I applied the bagua, an energetic system utilised in feng shui, to make some slight changes to our accommodation to our living and dining room. I refreshed the flower arrangement to make it look ‘happier,’ and moved it onto the table, brought the duck ornaments together to appear as a loving ‘couple,’ rather than swimming away from each other and rearranged the books and placemats in the dining room. I also covered the television screen while not in use. The result? At our next location an extraordinary sequence of events led us to make some lovely new friends that we really clicked with and will be seeing again in the future.

  4. 4.The energetic world delivers when you set your intention for the day. I borrow mine from Pam Grout, author of E- Squared. Most mornings, I thought to myself in those first waking moments “Today I’m going to have an extraordinarily epic day .” I continued to be amazed at how my days played out. I can confidently say that my trip was extraordinarily epic!

  5. 5. Go with the flow. This way of travelling is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we like to stay at a destination for a few days and see what happens. Through chatting to locals and other travellers, as well as through social media, we find out the best places to explore, eat and visit. Going with the flow means that you follow the subtle urges that come into your mind, such as to ‘turn this corner’ and ‘go into that building.’ And if something doesn’t work out, then perhaps you were meant to have a different experience. In France, rolling train strikes caused us to catch a bus to our next destination. As a result, we chatted to another Aussie couple, and on the way ate the BEST caramel eclair as recommended by our Uber cool driver. A definite benefit of going with the flow!

As well as these feng shui aspects to our travel, there were some other time-savers that I will be sharing with you in my next post.

And if you would like an online feng shui consultation, or a visit in person to your Sydney home or business premises, please call 0401339502 or drop me a line at karen@emeraldspace.com.au

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