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9 Feng Shui tips for investors

If you are a property investor, then you know the value of having a long term, regular paying tenant who is respectful towards your property.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I can share with you some important features that you may consider when purchasing, renovating or maintaining an investment property. (Cross-over with real estate courtesy of Brennan Latimer from R and W Projects)

A well-built home that follows good Feng Shui design has the potential to attract and retain good quality tenants providing a stable, reliable income.

Some of the things that may enhance your return:

  1. Easy access to entrance/ adequate parking
  2. Space/ Volume
  3. Good lighting/ windows
  4. Generous storage
  5. Cross-ventilation
  6. Desirable views
  7. Commonsense room positions
  8. Harmonious neighbours and privacy
  9. Proximity to amenities

Let’s look at the principles behind each of these features.

1.Easy access and parking

A visually pleasing, adequately sized entrance welcomes ‘ch’i’ to the home. This, and convenient parking and access allows energy and opportunities to flow in more easily.
It is beneficial if there is a logical direction for visitors to the front door and that pathways ‘meander’ there naturally from the garage or street.

2. Space/ Volume

A spacious apartment or home allows energy to flow around inside. Ceilings with a decent height avoid a ‘closed-in feeling.’ Extra room also provides more flexibility in positioning furniture correctly for harmony in the home. In my opinion, space represents the allowance of both the body and mind to ‘stretch’ out to their full potential.

3. Good lighting/windows

Good lighting and adequate windows are not only uplifting for residents but they allow extra ch’i to flow into the home. Remember, ch’i is vital for the health and wellbeing of occupants. A home with supportive ch’i will help to energetically nourish residents for longevity and good fortune. Good lighting is especially important at the approach and entryway to the building.

4. Generous storage

Good design will include plenty of options for the storage of residents’ belongings. Generous amounts will allow tenants to organise their items conveniently including larger items such as surfboards and pushbikes. Plenty of space in cupboards and wardrobes allows for ch’i flow around clothes, shoes and other items.

5. Cross-ventilation

Fresh airflow through the home removes stagnant air and helps to circulate the uplifting aromas and sounds of the seasons. Avoid low clunky fans and consider more aesthetically pleasing air-conditioners or ducted air-conditioning if appropriate. With the latter, be mindful of the maintenance required as it may be more costly than just replacing a filter or two.

6. Desirable views

In Feng Shui, the view from each window or outlook is very important. Each should be pleasant to occupants, and if not, this can be remedied by choosing appropriate window dressings or attending to the outside energetic ‘hazard.’ Larger windows can frame beautiful views and bring this positive ch’i into the home.

7. Commonsense room positions.

Logical layout of the home will tuck main bedrooms towards the back, and avoid room incompatibility such as bathrooms opening onto kitchen or dining areas. Doors will not bang into each other(argue) when opened, and the front and back door will not be in alignment. The floor plan will allow ch’i to flow easily around the home.

Ideally, the home and its associated structures will form a complete square or rectangle. A little knowledge can be dangerous when it comes to this aspect. Before I formalised my training in Feng Shui, I encouraged my husband in the purchase of an investment property that had a tree completing its rectangular shape. It was positioned in the ‘wealth’ corner of the building. “Great!” I thought, as the dollar signs flashed in front of my eyes. It turned out that the tree was overwhelmingly massive and was far too close to the home, making it feel quite unsafe, repelling potential residents. A lesson well-learnt!

8. Harmonious neighbours and privacy

A harmonious neighbourhood is an important consideration in Feng Shui. Positive connections as well as adequate privacy for residents will help them to feel secure and part of the community. The principle here is that everything is energetically connected including the group of people with whom we share our building, block and suburb.

9. Proximity to amenities

Having local shops, schools, parks and government agencies nearby as well as good transport means that your tenants have everything they need to work and function harmoniously on a daily basis. These are features that a long-term tenant will be considering for their home.

Good design that follows Feng Shui principles makes for happy tenants.

Developers are starting to realise that people deserve more than just a small box for a home. Happiness, comfort and safety comes from thoughtful commonsense design that supports occupants, the purpose of Feng Shui.

Investing for wealth and prosperity involves sourcing a solid portfolio that will serve you well into the future. And having a home that impacts the lives and health of tenants in a positive way is by far a win-win situation.

How can Feng Shui help me as an investor?

  1. Do you wish to purchase a property and are unsure of its effect on residents?
  2. Are you looking for a Feng Shui tick of approval for your good quality tenants?
  3. Do you have a property with a high turnover of residents?
  4. Would you like Feng Shui help with clarity on building your wealth or investment portfolio?
  5. Are you looking to develop a property using Feng Shui principles?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, or:

Would you like a 20 minute FREE home Feng Shui health check up call?

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Feng shui package for investors
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  • Ongoing support allows you to gain feedback from your tenants regarding any changes you have implemented and discuss these with Karen.
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