A Secret Look Into My Diary

How many of you have spent a long time sorting through newsagent’s shelves and discount boxes searching for a good diary?

In this post I’m going to tell you what I find are my favourite features of a good diary. Hopefully it will help you to narrow down your search as you hunt for the perfect one that suits your needs.

I know a lot about diaries because I’ve experimented with them for years. Finding the right diary can be the key to keeping your schedule organised and running smoothly. Something we all want, right?

I have already purchased the same diary for next year. Why? Because I love it. Why do I love it? I’ll share that with you now.

My favourite diary is one purchased from Kikki K. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Kikki K, if you haven’t been in one of their stores it is a real must, they stock a wide range of stationery created with design in mind.

The greatest thing about this type of diary from Kikki.K is that it consolidates personal, family and business information in one place. It doesn’t require batteries or a power source and its size is very convenient. It is 14 x 16 cm, which is the sweet spot for me as it is big enough that I don’t need a magnifying glass to use it but it fits easily into a handbag or backpack.
Now I will show you how to use this diary to maximise your commitments, ideas and daily organisation.

What I love about this portable diary is that it displays each month on a double page at the beginning of the diary with an area at the side for notes. Here I write my appointments, consultations and social events. At the side, I note down addresses and event names and times.
The inside cover can be used to store small invitations, and actionable paperwork. For example recently I carried my folded driver’s license renewal form to take to the Transport Department. When the event has finished, the paperwork can then be discarded.

Each week has its own double page. The weekdays on the left have three lines each- plenty of room to write some brief notes. Here I write my appointments for the day, meal choices or important information, for example booking numbers and flight information.

The real bonus of this diary is that there is a handy page next to each week for extra notes.
Here is how I set out this useful page:

dairy image weekly

At the top I have some check boxes for my current daily commitment, in this case writing. Checkboxes serve as quick reminders and are great to tick or cross when completed- they give you a real feeling of accomplishment. Underneath are extra checkboxes for when I meet with my accountability partners, either online or in person. Below that are yet more checkboxes (Yes, I love checkboxes!) to tick for my mastermind group meeting.

Further down the page are my weekly priorities starting with one per day. I try to keep the list on the short side but sometimes extra items are added in the ‘notes’ section.

A diary like this should be used for more than just appointments, I use the ‘notes’ area to jot down any great takeaways from meetings, relevant inspirational quotes and keywords that will trigger my memory for writing about later on. Ideas should be jotted down as you think of them, even if you think you won’t use them in the future it can very beneficial when trying to recall at a later time.

Lastly, I list shopping items. These can be added straightaway as my diary is always close by.

This diary is fantastic for an overview of the days, weeks, months as well as the entire year.
If I am working on a tight daily schedule, I tend to write that in a separate notebook with times of the day and the tasks to be completed. If you were going to do that in addition in a diary, you would probably need to have a bigger one, but for the purposes I have described, it is perfect.

I hope you found this glimpse into my diary inspiring and useful.

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