About me


Karen was trained at the Western School of Feng Shui (™) under the expert guidance of Terah Kathryn Collins and her team, gaining a certificate as an Essential Feng Shui Practitioner ® .

Her subsequent training in Bazi (life’s handbook) is with Nellie Yong, and Human Synastry with (JY) Mindy Yoong.

Karen’s Qi Men (language of the universe) studies are with the Joey Yap Academy of Metaphysics.

Onsite consultations

Karen visits the homes and workplaces of those in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Fascinated by feng shui and metaphysics

My interest in feng shui began many years ago when I read an article in a magazine. I bought a book on the subject, and then experimented with it over the years. Later, I began my formal training and subsequent life long learning in the vast area of Chinese metaphysics.

From Science teaching to feng shui

After over twenty years teaching Science in Perth and then Sydney, my inner guidance told me that something else was on the horizon! Fortuitous events occurred, leading me back to my feng shui roots. Emerald Space began in 2014.

Experience living with a natural backdrop

Feng shui is based on the laws of nature, the seasons and the energies that flow from year to year, month to month and day to day.  Since feng shui relies on experience to understand its many nuances, living on a property that is blessed with natural communities gives a first hand view of these changes. You have to experience the awareness and opportunities that come when you take the hand of the energy world, and build a relationship with its messages and abilities.

Intuitive abilities

As a scientist, I was able to train my analytical skills and it took a leap of faith somewhat to step into my intuitive, creative side. However, once I became confident in using this unconventional way of solving environmental and personal dilemmas, I could see how amazing it is to use a bigger part of our minds.

Energy healing

Although I did not take these modalities further, I have completed Reiki 1 and 2, as well as Reconnective Healing alignment. I pefer to work with environmental energy and metaphysics analysis.

Moving interstate

After earning some long service leave in 2005, I took myself across the Nullabor and ended up settling in Sydney, which instantly felt like home.

Spaces that simply ‘click’

Feng shui alignments work in a sometimes invisible way. The result is that you sometimes feel an inner ‘click’ when something is right. And that comes from you, from within. Karen can help you with transforming the energy of your spaces.