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Posted on September 22, 2017

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein

This week I was led to think about what hobbies I really enjoy doing.

At one time, I was a keen belly dancer, and although I no longer perform outside of the walls of my home (I’m sure the cat appreciates my shimmies!) it is something that I can’t help myself doing when the mood and music takes me.

So I gave my joy dancing an inner smile while I went about my usual business.

The next morning, I was checking my Instagram and noticed a belly dancer in the mix. “How curious!” I reflected.

On to putting my ‘mum helper’ hat on at my daughter’s school and I soon discovered the topic of the lesson for the morning- percussion. This is going to be really fun (and noisy!) I thought, and it certainly was.

Helping the children gather their percussion instruments- there was a selection of triangles, maracas, tambourines and rhythm sticks (Thank you Ian Dury and the Blockheads for helping me to remember that one!) to play.

And then my eyes caught something a little exciting at the bottom of the box of triangles. Could it really be? Yes! Some scattered gold and silver finger cymbals known to belly dancers as zills.

Forgetting the children for a moment, I quickly hunted down the perfect pair, complete with adjustable elastics. OMG why didn’t we have those back in the 90’s?!

Donning the cymbals at last, I attended to my duties while practicing some strikes of the metal instruments in my hands. It felt liberatingly good! And as the classroom was cheerfully loud, there was no limit to practising.

The teacher saw me and asked if I would share how to use the instrument with the class, which of course I did, to my daughter’s delight.

The lesson was truly fun and I thanked the universe for another brilliant surprise offering of living and loving life to the full.

How is fun and creativity playing out in your life?

Love and blessings, Karen

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