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Attract Positive Energy in 9 Steps

Attract Opportunities and Positive Energy

Are you struggling in life? Do you want to feel better? Do you need some hope? You are not alone! Conditions are challenging right now with a global pandemic. There are a lot of things out of your control. But there are so many things that you do have control of. And that includes your immediate environment.

1. Link the positives

Negative thinking can be hard to stop. It’s not difficult to allow yourself to slip into pessimism or take on an air of indifference. But if you want to attract good things, you must let the positive guide you, not the negative. As the Dalai Lama says, “See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” Work to change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive. (Source: (edited)

If you’re in a negative energy spiral, you tend to link what is seen as negative events. “I’m having such an awful day.” “Why do unfortunate things happen to me?” “My life is a continual disaster.” “Why do I have such rotten luck? Do you resonate with any of these statements?

It is normal to focus on and link negative events. If you do, they are validated. But this is an unhelpful way of thinking and focussing on events such as these.

Separate negative events as they occur. Treat each as an independent occurrence in your own mind. Take their power. Don’t let them control and dominate your mind.

Regarding happy events and experiences, feel free to connect and focus on all of these dots. This is your natural, aligned way of being.

Good energy can boost our feelings of well-being, dissolve feelings of anxiety and improve communication. (Source:

Remember- you are the commander of your own ship. Be that commander!

Attract opportunities and positive energy

2. Your main entrance invites ch’i

Your home is an energetic body. Look at your entrance as the mouth of ch’i. This is the portal from which human energy enters your home, as well as sunlight and breeze if you are lucky enough.

It is a very important consideration in feng shui, regardless of what system you use.

Using a non-directional bagua, the front door is the main perspective of the wave of energy that vibrates through your main home portal.

In Qi Men and Flying Stars, the front door sector has an important value when it comes to the quality of the energy that enters.

3. Ease of entry

There have been several homes that I have visited where I have had difficulty finding the front entrance.

How does that relate to feng shui? If I have trouble finding your entrance, then so does ch’i. Life force energy enters easily when the entrance is obvious. There’s no point of having lots of positive energy around if it doesn’t know where it needs to go!

Is your street number obscured? Is your house hidden or is your front door engulfed by overgrown shrubs? The ch’i might have a difficult time finding your home.

A simple way to gauge how positive energy can flow to your home is to imagine you are arriving there for the first time. How easy is it to find your front entrance?

4. The security filter

Once you have arrived, do you have security measures in place to help only positive energy to enter?

Just like in biology, a living barrier must be able to allow nutrients and positive chemicals through and not the poisonous aspects.

A feng shui compliant entrance will be welcoming, but also have the conviction that only positive influences shall pass across the threshold.

Fit your entrance with a security screen and have a solid security system in place. Filter out the energy you allow into your home. And keep your cherished loved ones feeling safe within.

5. A well-matched home entrance.

Does your entrance size and quality match the front aspect of the home?

What makes a beautiful model’s face more attractive? A smile to match!

When you want to attract positive energy into your home and life, it pays to create an entrance with symmetry and welcoming features.

If the front facade is large, a generous doorway would be more fitting than an inconspicuous one.

Similarly, a modest front would be better matched with a more humble entrance.

6. The walk to the front door

By the time our visitors reach our front door, they say they feel “more relaxed and peaceful.”

After arriving at our home, our guests meander through a native garden lined with natural stone and a koi enhanced pond.

Native flowers to admire and a beautiful sandstone path to traverse. Our visitors arrive from their busy lives with the promise of relaxation. They can switch off from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Consider the walk from your car and garage to your front door. Can life force find its way there easily?

7. Lighting the way

Lighting- is the entrance walkway meandering and nicely lit up as you approach the front entrance?

Is it obvious where the front door is, or it is lost behind other forms of home distractions?

8. Protection from the elements at the door

Once at the door, is there a pleasant landing where visitors can wait comfortably, sheltered from the weather such as rain? Have you ever been in this unfortunate situation? You learn very quickly which of your friend’s homes have a convenient cover from the rain and which ones don’t!

9. Attracting attention

Is the doorbell or knocker clearly visible and working? Will residents hear the call? Will visitors have the feeling that they are being heard?

Does your door open smoothly? Is it cobweb-free? Or does it have insect nests to unsettle your visitors? Is your door free of scattered footwear? (This can also be a cultural behaviour, so choose yours to suit.)

A doormat is a simple, welcoming feature to stop and clean your shoes before entering. An organised place to store footwear can be positioned nearby or just inside the entrance. One of the things you learn in Japan is the attention to removing footwear before you go into the main part of a building.

The perfect attraction

An entrance does not have to ‘show off’ to attract positive energy. It can be enhanced by the addition of cheerful pot plants or sculptures to greet your guests. Some people like to hang wind chimes and other suspended charms to attract ch’i and enhance their front meeting place.

A personal example

Recently, I chose a fiery red begonia to adorn our front entrance. It is not in its ‘permanent’ pot yet, but so far it has brought me many blessings. That included delightful new connections and the re-igniting of older ones. Lively face-to-face meetings and a wonderful increase in authentic social media engagements to my business. The change in energy was amazing!

Your front entrance is the gateway for life-giving energy to make its way into your home and life. Honor this area by keeping it fresh, clean and welcoming. Adorn it with harmonious seasonal ch’i attracting enhancements to bring new people and opportunities into your life.

People with positive energy

You don’t have to cut the negative people out of your life altogether if you don’t want to. Try reducing the amount of time you spend with those who pass on toxic or negative energy to you. Asking yourself how you feel, after spending time with someone, is a great way to do this. Do you feel uplifted, energized and motivated? Or drained and down? (Source: (edited)

Try this out for yourself and let me know how you got on at

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