Feng shui your bedroom for positive energy change after divorce.

Bedroom feng shui. Dating after divorce. Invite fresh love!

Did you know that feng shui is your best friend in the bedroom after divorce? That feng shui can help you with positive energy for dating?

Dating after divorce: The next chapter.

So, the last chapter of your life is over. You are ready for the next.

Imagine you are actually writing yourself as the character in your next chapter installment. Explore your feelings. Describe the emotions you’re contending with. Reflect on what are you bringing with you as you move forward? Think about the current backdrop of your life.

Four levels of energy.

There are four levels of energy to explore as you move forward. The first is the belief level. This is an important level as it underlies every other level.

Beliefs about dating after divorce.

Do any of the following beliefs resonate with you?

  • I am too old to date.
  • A man would take away my freedom.
  • Nobody ever finds me attractive.
  • I’m never attracted to any of the men that like me.
  • None of the men I like, like me back!
  • I don’t have any single friends to hang out with.
  • Dating after divorce is all too confusing.

Thoughts about divorce and dating.

Then there’s the mind level.

  • I think all the good men have gone.
  • I think the competition is too high – I’m competing with younger women all the time!

Feelings after divorce.

The emotional level is next.

  • I feel so despondent.
  • I feel that I will never be truly happy, with or without another person in my life.
  • I’m just over the whole dating thing.

The results level.

Lastly is the results level.

  • The men that I meet are always flawed in some way.
  • Everything seems to go wrong when I try and go on a date.
  • I’m always unlucky when it comes to love.
  • More dates than not turn out to be a disaster!

For what you want to happen in life, you have to have these four levels aligned. If any of them is blocked, what you want will not happen!

But do not despair, because there is good news.

By just working on one of these levels, you can bring positive change into your life!

Feng shui is about the energy in and around your home. Having good energy in your home means that you become this good energy. It’s also about surrounding yourself that make you feel good. To live with what you love! When you live with what you love, you turn a house into a home.

Feng shui in the bedroom for dating after divorce.

Feng shui your bedroom for positive energy change after divorce.

Your home is energy.

Feng shui relates to your environment. In your case, it is your home. The principle is that you see in your home environment reflects back to you. The three main principles are:

  1. Everything is alive with energy.
  2. The energy in everything is always changing.
  3. Everything is connected.

Bedroom feng shui.

A wonderful place to start working with your home energy is your bedroom. Bedroom feng shui relates to the way people interact with you.

If you are single and hoping to be a couple, your bedroom needs to reflect this desire.

Single beds covered in childhood toys is unattractive for a new person in your life!

What is your bedroom telling you?

Take a look at your home and bedroom and reflect on what it is telling you.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says:

“Everything is talking to you, make sure it has nice things to say!”

1. Good bed positions.

Is your bed right in front of the door? This is an unfavorable position. You have heard of the ‘coffin’ position- your feet point towards the door. Through the door, is the energy (chi or qi) is able to flow in to your room. But it is able to leave. Make sure you tuck your bed into the room opposite to the doorway. If there is no choice, keep your door closed. During sleep, consider a screen to cozy in your bed.

2. The window position relative to the bed.

Is the window behind the bed head? This is an unfavorable position because a wall provides support. Your energy needs to be in a positive spiral for successful dating after divorce. Raise your energy while you are sleeping! If there is no choice, a curtain or block out blind to give some support will help. A block out covering will help to keep the morning light from affecting your good night’s sleep.

3. Your bedroom colors.

In feng shui, the bedroom is related to stable, calming energy. For a balanced life, and creating positive energy for dating after your divorce, you need to optimize this aspect of your bedroom. A bedroom is synonymous with peaceful, grounding surroundings. Colors in feng shui for the bedroom include those of the earth spectrum: beige, brown, yellow, orange, pink, white and red. You can draw from the earth colors of nature such as eggplant, avocado and apricots.

4. Your sheets and bed coverings.

Does your bed look cozy and comforting? After divorce, you can be your best friend and treat yourself to a delicious night’s rest amongst soft and reassuring sheets and bedclothes. It is time to change your sheets and coverings and opt for those that speak to your soul.

The earth element also refers to a certain ‘heaviness,’ of solid, stable furniture. Keep that in mind when choosing beds and other bedroom furniture for your space.

Try this activity!

Begin your search by scanning some images of bedroom ideas and focus on the sheets and quilt covers. Without thinking, but using your intuitive side, mark the ones that ‘grab’ you. Look over your collection and see what similarities occur in color, design and patterns. These are the ones that will nourish your energy. Use these ideas to create a beautiful, inviting space. Positive flow will keep your energy positive after divorce.

5. Your closet storage and other stuff.

After divorce, you have undergone an identity rethink on either a small or large extent. The positive side of divorce is that you get to work on your new identity. It is easy to begin with your old clothes which can clutter your space and mind. Did you know that clutter can even affect your health? Dust and microorganisms can live in and around unused belongings and make the air stagnant. Move these items and freshen up your space!

6. The right plant for love.

A small plant can be used in your bedroom to boost the energy. The plant itself is wood energy. The water is obviously the water element. Both of these elements relate to love. The act of watering the plant can be a lovely metaphor for adding kindness to yourself after divorce.

7. Time to clear the past for positive living!

Remember, everyone makes mistakes. People change and grow. Now is the perfect time for you to grow and continue your life journey with a different perspective. When you accept what has happened, you can focus on your own development. Then you can change your life and move forward on a new path. You get to choose your own perspective. Feng shui your bedroom now and invite that positive change into your life.

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