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Better quality art for spaces using feng shui.

Feng shui help with art can create better quality spaces.

Experience the positive benefits of feng shui when your choose beneficial art.

  • Needing some help deciding on art for your new home?
  • Want to change your pictures up a bit?
  • Interested in finding out more about the art that you have chosen for your home?

There is a Chinese saying, “Feng shui without art is incomplete, and art without feng shui is meaningless”. Feng shui promotes greater balance in your surroundings. Art provides a visual component to that balance.

Quality feng shui art means positive energy

The important thing to be aware of when it comes to feng shui is that your environment influences you. If your home energy is good, you become this good energy. As an example, let’s say you spend a lot of time in your living area. This space is flowing, comfortable and a pleasure to be in. Your environment is influencing you positively. In addition, if this area has positive energy formations, then that is even better!

[We now have a greater understanding of how color affects our emotions and how the images we see every day can change how we feel in a positive or negative way. (Source:]

Children’s art

In home life, art plays a big part. If you have small children, then you know how special it is to display their beautiful creations and bright colors. You know that their art has been created straight from their little souls! How do you feel when you look at children’s art? For me, it brings me a sense of joy and delight, and wonder. I’m sure it does the same for you.

Looking at your art through feng shui eyes

Let’s talk about ‘grown-up’s’ art now. It is a useful exercise to study the art you have collected on your walls. When you take a different perspective you can start to look at your art from an energy point of view. You can use your ‘feng shui eyes’ to reflect on art that you already have. You can use this approach when purchasing artwork. Once you know more about what you want to achieve in your home from an energy perspective, you can make better choices.

Digging deeper – reflect on your own art

Look at some art near you. You can ask yourself:

  • How does it make me feel?
  • Do I like it?
  • What is it about?
  • Why do I have it?
  • Is it enhancing my space like it once used to?
  • What message is it telling me?

Energy is about feeling

There are two choices when it comes to deciding on whether a piece of art is good feng shui or not. It either makes you feel good, or it doesn’t. And there’s no sitting on the fence! If you consider it ‘neutral’ then it is not doing anything for you. This will be confirmed when you go through the rest of the list.

The likability factor

Do you like this piece of art? Was it a gift from a relative? Do you feel that you have to have it displayed for their sake? By leaving it up on the wall, what is that telling you? Remember, the fact that you don’t like it is a symptom of something else going on in your life. Perhaps it is keeping the peace but let’s be honest, is it nourishing your soul? Not liking it means you might need to look at moving this piece on. Do you love it? Great, it is serving you well.

The story behind the artwork

A few years ago, my family visited Disneyland and Universal Studios, in Florida. Splash Mountain was one of our favorite rides. The first time we went on it was the best. It was so much fun! As we came towards the end of the ride, I glanced up at the photographs and caught the one with my family on it. At the very front was my mother, with a completely screwed up face that looked absolutely hilarious. I laughed so much and so deeply that I almost had trouble breathing! For some time after we returned home, I had that photograph up on display. Every time I looked at it, I began laughing all over again.

Aside from the story behind a picture, what does the image have to say? Is the artwork of beautiful calming scenery? Or a raging sea storm? Is it showing happy people, or a relaxed scene. Interesting, right?

What is the picture about?

Imagine this scene: a farmer is weighed down by a heavy load. Or a couple in which the two lovers are facing away from each other. Or a picture containing a head but nobody. What is the story of your artwork?

Is the symbolism used painting a picture of the person you are now or the person you are becoming? Are the qualities reflected by the image and color the ones that you want in your own life? It is so interesting to dig a little deeper into the collections of art that you have around you.

Does your artwork create a positive vibration?

One of the principles of feng shui is that everything is constantly changing. Look at your picture. Does it bring you the same joy that it did when you bought it? Perhaps it does, or maybe you have already realized by the previous questions that it no longer serves you positively. In this case, you can update it, or move it to a different area of your home to give it some ‘new life.’

Artwork can provide a beautiful enhancement to your living space and create a nourishing backdrop that makes you feel good. It can provide interest and a welcome break from your home jobs and tasks. With the right history, message and quality of energy, artwork can anchor the right energy for a home supporting your wellness. 

Abstract art to create feng shui bliss.


Abstract art is one of my favorite types to recommend for long term art choices. This style of art is timeless. The right piece can be interpreted many ways and can change in different light. A picture that changes itself depending on the viewer and the season has longevity and supports creative interpretation.

Kirana Haag, an extremely talented professional artist, creates beautiful pieces of colour and design. “This is how I start painting: seeing and feeling the world in colour fields, with my always present desire to find beauty.”

Art can elevate the energy in a room

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