Book launch blues and how I turned it around

Recently, I published my first book. In the build up to my launch on Amazon, my launch team was poised for action and once the green light was on, they went into motion. They downloaded like crazy and gave me some well thought out reviews.

A few days later, it was all over. For a few temporary hours, my book was listed as a best seller in a home design related category.

And then it disappeared into obscurity.

I’d like to say it was the relief of those last few weeks of feverish activity, the seemingly endless cycle of quickly learn, quickly do to finish the numerous small steps in the final days of my project.

I’d like to say it was my hormones that were starting to wave at me from the sidelines, as if to say, it’s us, really!

I’d like to say it was the exhaustion from pushing and striving to meet a self imposed strict deadline.

But in being candidly honest, it wasn’t those at all.

Do you want to know what happened?

I cried (yes, actual tears) over the fact that I hadn’t had ONE actual sale of my book after my launch. Not one. Not even one exchange at 99c.

Pulling myself out of this temporary slump, I remembered that disappointment is actually one dimension of the multi faceted ego. The numbers and money that I was chasing to reimburse the course fees, they were just illusional goals fabricated by my energetic adversary within.

Through reading and reflection, the truth of the situation emerged.

Writing and publishing your precious message is not about the money or prestige for that matter. It is about achieving the goal, the journey that you enjoy while moving through the book writing and marketing process, the unconditional support you receive from family and friends along the way, and most importantly about touching the hearts of your readers.

I know my book has made a difference to some of my readers already because they have told me. I’ve even had a few sales. The truth is that love went into writing my book and that I grew as a person as I broke through another comfort zone.

Can I write a book, yes!
Was it an awesome experience?
Will I write another one, yes!
Am I able to encourage others to do the same? Yes!
Will my book become a bestseller again one day, and for longer? Who knows? But it’s absolutely possible!

The future is not tied to the past, and I was led to write this book by the same forces that can help me spread my message through this and any other book that I write.

The end of my book launch is just the beginning of another adventure.
And the only thing that is returning into obscurity today? My ego.

Candidly yours,

Love and blessings,


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