Feng shui for Vitality, Clarity and Joy

Eastern Philosophy for the Western Personality

Karen Kertesz
Certified Feng Shui Consultant Sydney,  Australia
book Author of
Win Back Your Time
Do you have obstacles at work? Are you feeling overburdened? Are your staff continually arguing?
Or are you overdue for a holiday?
Your office environment has a major impact on your happiness at work, and this is where feng shui can help…
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Corporate feng shui

Business owners and managers

You probably have the usual environmental issues covered. Recycling of plastics and paper. Tick. Ergonomic chairs and desks. Tick. Conservative power use. Tick. But what about challenging business locations or poor office layout? What can you do there? And how is it impacting your wellbeing and the productivity of your staff? Probably in a negative way!

This is where feng shui comes into its own. It looks past the usual practises and takes a holistic perspective of the state of your environment. Emerald Space applies feng shui principles to improve the energy and bring harmony to the place in which you probably spend a great deal of time.
Harmonious business premises can improve staff relations and help to attract new customers and improved business networks for increased prosperity.

Not including feng shui in your business life is like drinking wine out of a plastic cup. You are missing out!

  • You will have more team harmony, attract new clients and business opportunities and gain clarity on your business vision.
  • A comprehensive consultation includes prepared easy-­to-­follow instructions and 5 weeks of unlimited contact, concluding with a review.
  • Offices, waiting areas and foyers, health and fitness centres, warehouses, small or large buildings can all benefit from feng shui.
  • New standard hourly rate allows you to have as much or as little feng shui that you need.
  • Karen provides an holistic, intuitive and efficient service.
  • Karen is also available for presentations or workshops for your team.



Is your workplace or office ready for an energy uplift?

Remove the blockages in your business with feng shui changes.
Results from clients showing the benefits of feng shui:
Business growth Business growth
uplifting spaces Organised, uplifting spaces
product enquiries Increase in product enquiries
decision making Movement in business decision making and projects
Business Acknowledgement Acknowledgement in business

Home feng shui

Is your home craving a feng shui energy uplift? learn more

Win Back Your Time

Are you busy but not productive? Are you always in reactive mode rather than being in control of your day?
“Win Back Your Time” combines positive mindset techniques with simple feng shui adjustments to create more free time to do what you love.
It also comes with a downloadable journal to track your progress.

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