Feng Shui makes a difference….

It is always a blessing to receive feedback from my friends and clients on how feng shui is making a difference in their lives.

Here are three from the last few days…

Office Turnaround

To this friend I suggested some changes he could make to his office space. His desk was in the usual offending position, with his outlook pointing straight onto a wall. A change in desk orientation was the first recommendation.

There were other ways in which to make his space flow better so at the very least, he would really enjoy using this room. I gently commented on these as well including where to place his helpful pin-up board.

This week, he confessed to his initial skepticism of feng shui and remarked on the marked improvement to his productivity and efficiency after changing around his office in line with my suggestions.

I do love it when my friends receive noticeable results immediately from making feng shui adjustments!

Bedroom comfort

The next positive result relates to my friend’s daughter’s bedroom. The bedroom had had some past ‘negativity’ associated with it and needed some extra comfort.

The bed needed repositioning into the commanding position in the room, which it currently wasn’t in, and there was an overload of belongings around the room.

My suggestions included some ideal positions for furniture, removing blockages such as boxes under the bed and colour choices for the future.

I also used a smudge stick to cleanse the room’s energy- not strictly feng shui, but a relevant procedure in this case.

This week, my friend related that her daughter was more comfortable and settled in her bedroom after making the recommended feng shui changes. She loves being able to see through her bedroom door from the bed and it is much better for her to not have the bright light from the window glaring at her each morning through the blinds.

Another great result.

Corporate capers

When you change your environment, profound changes can occur in your perspectives and world view.

This next associate’s boss had implemented the changes to his office that I’d recommended.

Staff were curious and quite skeptical when he cleared things out from his workspace and made some significant adjustments to his room’s organization following his feng shui recommendations.

She related he said he’d been the happiest he’d ever been working there.

Perhaps you have a room, home or workplace that is in need of some feng shui love and attention. Feng shui is the perfect tool to help bring positive energy into your life.

Let me show you how!

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