How to enjoy living Autumn colour all year round

How to enjoy living Autumn colour all year round

A simple way to bring living colour into your home is by way of plants.

The colourful earthy tones of Autumn can be achieved all year round with careful plant selection, believes Justin, from A Greener View Gardens.

Earthy colours include yellows and oranges displayed in flowers and foliage.

For indoor spaces choose those that are well suited to lower light levels but also provide splashes of vibrant colour.

Some of the best are Crotons and Pothos, due to their larger leaves and wide variety of colours.

There are also a wide variety of Bromeliads that offer the golden and earthy tones via foliage and flower.

Keys to ensuring your investment is long-lived:

  • Understand each of your plant’s growing requirements
  • Ensure they are fed and watered as per care instructions
  • Give them enough light to thrive- this might mean moving plants around from time to time

The vibrant colourful benefits are well worth the effort of keeping indoor plants, so give it a try!.

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