Bedroom Feng Shui Checklist

Thank you for attending! Here is a handy checklist to get you started with your bedroom feng shui.

  • Bed in commanding position- tucked in back of the room, opposite corner to the door
  • Bed structure- sturdy but not sharp in any way, round edges
  • Earth colours for soft materials such as browns, beiges, skin colours, vegetable skin colors (avocado, eggplant), soft yellow and oranges
  • Bedhead resting against the wall
  • No items underneath the bed
  • Mirrors- keep to a minimum – cover over wardrobe mirror doors of an evening
  • Good solid window dressings to block out light for good sleep
  • Natural material for sleeping – e.g. cotton, linen, bamboo
  • Use Sleep Cycle app to track sleep quality and compare percentages for evidence
  • Just photographs of you and your partner – happy and current. For children, photos of parents add security
  • Balance white bedrooms with darker and/or flowing ‘watery’ features
  • Reduce bedroom items to those that are essential/ those that you love
  • For uplifting rising keep bedside cabinets clear, clean and polished
  • Quieten down office desks in the bedroom by covering over when not in use
  • Think comfortable, parent’s paradise, your private, intimate sanctuary
  • And by the way for bedroom spice- if you work with getting the balance right- sensual pleasure energy is likely to be activated!

Don’t forget to take some before and after pictures, and keep me posted on how things go!

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