How to regain your balance in less than two minutes

I don’t know about you but I have found it to be a little bit challenging getting back into the swing of things after returning back from holidays. Blissful days of socialising, eating and drinking have slowed everything down! Not in a bad way, mind you, but it doesn’t seem to be conducive of the energy required in growing and running a business!

After a holiday, returning to the throes of normal daily activity may temporarily unbalance you.Taking a few minutes to regain lost balance can be very useful. The aim is to return to that mental place of joy and stillness that you established while on your break.

A gentle, gradual re-entry to post-holiday activity is best, following your natural cycle.

In case your return to everyday life was a bit more abrupt, I thought I’d share with you a very quick and easy way of regaining mind and body harmony amidst the activity of the day.

The only equipment that you will need is your nose, your mind and your hands.

Your focus is to to take a moment to breathe in the following way that I will describe. This is a very shortened version of the technique presented by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in his book ‘The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep.’ You can complete this version in less than two minutes! As you may imagine, it is also beneficial to do just before you rest in bed for the night.

How it is done:
Find a quiet place away from others to do this as it does look a bit odd! Try the bathroom, a store cupboard, a quiet corridor or in your parked car. You can do this sitting, standing or walking as long as your spine is in a good posture.

If you are female, start with your left hand. Rest your hand on your nose.
Exhale, then place your thumb over your left nostril as you inhale through the right normally but deeply. Now, place your ring finger over your right nostril as you exhale fully through the right with a little extra force, but only just a little. With your thumb over your left nostril again, inhale slowly and gently through the right, and finish with a slight pause. Exhale to finish through both nostrils. Repeat this for three complete breaths. While exhaling, you may like to imagine any past tensions or concerns are being released. Now change to the other ‘side’ and using the right hand, do the same thing again. While exhaling, release any concerning thoughts related to the future.

So that’s it- I told you was easy!
What I like about this breathing activity is that it’s short and sweet and I find that it works very quickly to calm the mind. It is also kind of a yin/yang approach to the day. Short increments of time that allow the mind and the body to relax (yin) provide a balance for long busy periods of time when you may be in a more active state (yang.)

Everyone knows that correct breathing is essential for life. The ancient Chinese perceived air as containing the life force or ch’i so it really does make sense to bring this vital energy into your body in a mindful way, especially in situations when you really need it!

Also, did you know that breathing has been suggested to be a contributing factor in being successful? In his book, Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill lists 31 ways in which a person might be unsuccessful in life. In one of these, ‘Ill health,’ ‘an inadequate supply of fresh air due to improper breathing’ actually receives a mention!

All the more reason to take a pause and breatheā€¦

Have a fabulous 2016 everyone!

Love and blessings,


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