stop buying the wrong clothes

How to stop buying the wrong clothes

“True elegance consists not in having a closet bursting with clothes, but rather in having a few well-chosen numbers in which one feels totally at ease.”

Coco Chanel

You’ve done a pretty good cull of your wardrobe, so how do you stop yourself from buying a whole batch of new clothes that will almost certainly quickly fall into the same ‘unloved’ category as before?

Let’s dive straight in, here are my top 3 tips:

1. Employ a colour and style consultant.

A specialist in this area can help you to identify the colours that bring out your natural radiance.
They can also help you choose styles that are the best for your body shape so that you always look and feel great in the clothes that you wear.
You may even have a friend or family member that can do this intuitively, so invite them along with you when you go shopping for new clothes.
Knowing your colours and style helps you to narrow down your choices and allows you to choose only the items that will really suit you. In addition, you can quickly scan designs such as necklines and skirt waists to see if they are the preferred ones for you.
This approach saves time and provides welcome parameters when making decisions about your outfits. I have walked into boutiques and instantly dismissed 75% of the clothes as they were in autumn colours of yellow, orange and warm reds which are not in my scheme.

2. Quality trumps quantity.

Have you ever bought 5 Shirts for $5-$10 each only to have them become misshapen after just a few washes? This can happen if you buy cheaply made clothes that are low in quality.
I first came across this concept in “Almost French” by Sarah Turnbull when she was advised by a mature and graceful Parisian lady to do this during a visit to her local bakery.
The idea here is to dress in quality items, that may be a little more expensive, but are enjoyable and beautiful to wear. Due to costing a little more you have less clothes in your wardrobe. But less is more. Less items, more value and more loveliness.

3. Go for a little stretch where you can.

The female body shape is dynamic as you know especially around the middle. Shopping for structured long pants after a solid breakfast during a bloated part of your cycle is best avoided.
This item may fit perfectly now but will be too loose for you when things settle back down.
Similarly, during a ‘skinnier’ time, buying a tailored skirt on an empty stomach will produce the opposite result. It is fine now, but in a few days there will be no chance of having a comfortable fit after your body expands slightly.
The solution is to be mindful about your waistline during your gently fluctuating cycle and choose pieces that offer a little stretch where possible. Stretch items have longevity because they can accommodate your changing curves. There is a reason why stretch jeans became so popular in the 80’s!

You’ve just read my top three tips to stop you buying clothes that will end up being ignored in your wardrobe and choose ones that you will be proud to wear.

If you are in Sydney, the colour consultant that visited me is
Dianne Sammut,
mobile: 0409 605055

Once you have your wardrobe sorted, I will talk to you about dressing using knowledge of the Chinese 5 elements of fire, water, earth, wood and metal. That is going to be fun!

Love and blessings,


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