How to turn your waiting room into a blissful oasis

Tatty carpets, greasy chairs, outdated, dog-eared reading materials - these are the signs of a waiting room ready to drain the life force out of your customers.

Why not give them the courtesy of providing an inviting, comfortable, uplifting space to enjoy while they wait for your service?

A calming, subtly energising atmosphere is the aim - this can be of special benefit in dental and medical surgeries for those potentially anxious visitors. Read on to find out how to turn your waiting room into a blissful oasis.

  1. Furniture- should be clean, comfortable and arranged harmoniously allowing energy to flow around. If space permits, group chairs together around a small table or two. Allow customers to see the entrance from where they are sitting where possible.
  2. Information- A waiting area is a great place to display the ‘vision’ or ‘why’ of a company. Avoid plastering every wall with posters containing an abundance of tiny print; instead choose a small selection of visually appealing materials that are easily read from a distance. Offer additional relevant information in an easily accessible place, such as a stand or rotatable rack.
  3. Beauty- Give your customers something relaxing or inspiring to reflect on while they wait. Artwork with horizontal lines, such as sea horizons are especially calming, but avoid those with the approach of an ominous storm! Abstract, disjointed and confusing artwork may not have a calming effect, so be mindful of your choices.
  4. Reading- Keep any leisure reading materials up to date. Your customers really don’t want to read about what was happening in the celebrity world 3 years ago. Think about your target market and what they might enjoy reading while they wait to see you. Also consider your advertising- it often accentuates the ‘pain points’ of customers- which can drag down a person’s energy from a Feng Shui perspective.
  5. Plants- are a wonderful addition to waiting areas. They have been shown to improve air quality in a number of ways, such as balancing oxygen levels and reducing pollutants. Keep them well-maintained, looking healthy and find varieties that will flourish in your room conditions.
  6. TV or not TV? Find out if your customers prefer to have the television on or not. A television can be very activating and although distracting, what is the point of seeing only 20 minutes of a movie? Above all, don’t insult a customer’s intelligence by showing a dry documentary of what they should be doing about cleaning their teeth or maintaining their health.

A few carefully thought out adjustments in your waiting room can make the world of difference for your valuable customers. Wouldn’t you like to offer a well-balanced welcoming room that people can enjoy and relax in while waiting for you?

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