How to write and use positive affirmations

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Positive affirmations are a powerful tool for the mind!

Positive energy carries with it different qualities. A positive affirmation is embued with qualities of calmness, happiness, optimism and quiet confidence. A positive affirmation is direct, to the point and is easy to remember.

When creating your affirmation for the day, it is important to make it believable in your own mind to begin with. Later, see how you are able to manifest your ‘wishes.’ Then, you can play around with those affirmations that may not be so believable, but send them out to the universe anyway.

Using affirmations

An affirmation can work together with your visualization. Repeat your affirmation in your mind while visualizing a connected event occurring, and how you are feeling when it happens.

As an example, recently I found myself setting a visualization regarding my daughter. I affirmed that she would wake up happy in the morning, and not be as grumpy as she had been on previous mornings.

To be honest, I didn’t really believe it, but, it turned out anyway. It actually happened! She bounded into our bedroom, waking earlier than expected, and was actually cheerful!

In this case my affirmation concerned someone else, but that is OK. It is up to you what you would like to affirm in your mind or your day.

My go-to affirmation comes straight from one of my favorite authors, Pam Grout. “I am going to have an epic, awesome day!” is the short but powerful affirmation that I say most mornings.

When to state your positive affirmation

The best time to state and confirm your positive affirmation is when you first wake up. When you first gain consciousness in the morning, you can recite your affirmation in your waking mind. Another good time is just as you relax into slumber at night. During these times, your mind is operating at a special frequency, almost like hypnosis. It is the perfect time to embed your affirmation or combine it with your visualization into your subconscious mind.

If you can train yourself into remembering your chosen affirmation at these times, this is very beneficial. Set your affirmation either first thing on waking or last moment before sleep. Then, you are ‘magnifying your signal’ as you send it out for a response.

Examples of positive affirmations

  • “Things will go smoothly today.”
  • “My morning meeting will go well.”
  • “My trip into the city will go better than planned.”
  • “I will know exactly what to do and say at work today.”
  • “Dinner with my new friend will be fun and conversational.”
  • “Great things come to me effortlessly.”

How to write positive affirmations

You can start your statement with ‘I’ or ‘Today’ or another time frame, such as ‘This week.’

Focus on something that relates

A positive projection into the future

When you state a positive affirmation, you are sending out a signal to the invisible energy world. The message you send out is answered, but you have to keep a look-out! Your affirmation may be answered in a different way to what you expect.

If you are not sure what you would like to affirm, then reflect on something that you would like to improve about yourself.

Take a look at these as examples:

  • “Today I will be more calm around my children,”
  • “I will be more confident when I speak to my colleagues this week.”

Positive affirmations as commands

What those in the self-development arena begin to understand after a while is that your mind is truly your greatest tool. But it takes a bit of training to sharpen it!

Affirmations are a wonderful opportunity to begin or continue this process.

See if you can spend a few moments focussing commanding your mind each day. Then, you are already beginning to tap into the power of your mind’s potential.

So what will you command your mind to do for you today?

Choose your command and write it in the space provided in your journal so that you can give it extra confirmation. Repeat it for as many days as you like, or add another one or two positive affirmations along the way.

Above all, keep your perspective light and loving as you do this. If you are feeling flat or low in energy, you can change your affirmation. Try something like “Today I will care for myself” or “Today I will allow myself to recharge.”

Have fun with your affirmations and feel free to share how you went!

Positive affirmations list

Here are a few extra affirmations to get you started.

  • Today is going to be an awesome day!
  • When I visit the supermarket, I will find something amazing to cook for dinner.
  • I am strong and self-assured.
  • I am brave.
  • I am amazing.
  • Today, there are lots of people to help me.
  • Everything works out for me.
  • Everything happens with ease and grace.
  • Good things come to me easily.
  • My journey will go smoothly.
  • When I ask for my refund, it will come to me easily.
  • I find the perfect people to help, at the perfect place.

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