Is it OK to have a bit of clutter?

Do you have a dining table permanently stacked with books, magazines, bills and other belongings?

Or a kitchen bench without surface space to prepare food on?

It is quite possible that you have clutter.

The whole problem with clutter is that it’s similar to having blockages in your body. Things can’t move. Obstacles are created.

Ugly piles can collect dust and dirt underneath becoming a health hazard. In extreme conditions, insects and rodents can infest these areas, adding to the condition.

Energy tends to get stuck and stagnant in these places. So keep your clutter in a temporary state, and avoid it turning into permanent congestion.

Good feng shui has energy meandering easily around your home, depositing life-giving sustenance along the way.

When your home has little or no clutter it has healthy energy flow and its own inner smile. This vitality is reflected in your own life.

And with vitality comes clarity, joy and the ability to thrive.

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