Isn’t feng shui just organizing?

“Isn’t feng shui just the same as organising?” was a question that came up at a New Year’s Eve Party a few weeks ago. Rather than delve into the topic of feng shui with the person (I learnt a long time ago that I can only ‘preach’ to the already converted!) I couldn’t help but set the matter straight in this blog.

Organising is sorting belongings neatly into categories for easy retrieval. By attending to your stuff, downsizing and keeping only the essentials and what you love, you are going a long way to infusing your environment with care and attention, ensuring that it is a reflection of who you really are and the person that you are becoming. Your environment will be resonating with the essence of you, until you are ready to change and evolve of course.

Feng shui on the other hand is finding property locations with good chi, the creation of balanced , flowing and harmonious spaces, and the harnessing of natural energy cycles taking place in your home or workplace to create meaningful opportunities to fulfill your desires in life.

An organised space is functional and pleasing. It brings you further towards a peaceful, calm and uplifting environment, but it is only one part of the picture- feng shui offers so much more.

Imagine for a moment a well-organised office- one that is totally white. White walls, floor, furniture- desk, chair, bookcases and white window blinds.

It may be tidy and organised, but In feng shui terms, the office is overly dominant in one colour- white, which is both very yang and very metallic in terms of its natural element.

Now imagine replacing the desk for one with a natural wood finish and a friendly indoor plant in a beautiful pot that you adore. Flowing curtains to soften the hard surfaces and a small desk fountain to provide the gentle murmur of trickling water. Add some darker colour splashed graciously around the room, and a grounding rug on the floor so your office is now transformed. Doesn’t that feel so much better in your mind?

By making some clever adjustments and introducing a full complement of elements- wood, fire, earth and water, as well as metal, the office is now reflecting a more natural balance. This results in flowing energy not to mention more relaxed body senses.

Organised spaces that are also feng shui-balanced radiate positive vibes that calm and uplift the body, mind and spirit.

And there’s nothing better than that!

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