New opportunities are at the doorstep!

Sometimes you feel like you just need something to come into your life to get things moving again.
Perhaps it’s money, friends, connections, social events, or something else.
Whatever opportunities you would like to attract, a great place to start is at your entrance.
This is the place where ch’i, the vital energy that connects all things, is welcomed into your home.

So take a look at your main entrance.

  • How easy is it to enter your home, not taking into account the safety lock or security screen, as they are an important part of providing peace of mind for your family.
  • Does the entrance size match the front aspect of the home?
  • Is it easy to walk to from the driveway?
  • Is it obvious where the front door is or it is lost behind other front of home distractions?
  • Once at the door, is there a pleasant landing where visitors can wait comfortably, sheltered from the weather such as rain?
  • Is the doorbell or knocker clearly visible and working?
  • Does the door open smoothly and are there no cobwebs or insect nests to unsettle your visitors?
  • Is there a doormat to clean your feet before entering, and an organised place to store footwear while you are there?
  • Lighting- is the entrance walkway meandering and nicely lit up as you approach the front entrance?

An entrance does not have to ‘show off,’ but it can be enhanced by the addition of cheerful pot plants or sculptures to greet your guests. Some people like to hang wind chimes and other suspended charms to attract ch’i and enhance their front meeting place.

Recently, I chose a fiery red begonia to adorn our front entrance. Although not even in its ‘permanent’ pot yet, so far it has brought me many blessings, including delightful new connections and the reignition of older ones, lively face-to-face meetings and a massive increase in social media engagements, a competition to enter and a sizable deposit in my bank account.

Your front entrance is the gateway for life-giving and changing ch’i to make its way into your home and life. Honour this area by keeping it fresh, clean and welcoming and adorn it with harmonious seasonal ch’i attracting enhancements to bring new opportunities into your life.

Try it out for yourself and let me know how you went at karen@emeraldspace.com.au

For a home feng shui package, please ring 0401339502 to book or find out if your home might be in need of some feng shui.

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