Wooden glass vase decoration


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Desktop art flower, hydroponic large rounded walnut glass vase
Add a touch of life to your office desktop, minimalist style for your desktop, invite nature into your office
1. Innovative hydroponics; plants have no soil, are cleaner and easy to replace
2. Purify the air, absorb formaldehyde;they bring you health and environmental protection
3. With high-quality glass, you can also grow flowers effortlessly , easily know when they are short of water.
4. High-end walnut, tenon and tenon process, beautiful, durable, and improve the quality of life


Name: Big rounded flower
Color: Log color
Size: 18x12x4.5cm
Material: Walnut + Glass
Process: Tenon and tenon process
Advantages: Add a touch of green to the impetuous life, full of vitality, clear and transparent, not only can please your mood, but also embellish the space.

Creative hydroponic cultivation, clean and clear, while seeing the continuous growth of plant roots, we must also encourage ourselves to grow continuously.

Package Content:

1*Japanese glass vase

Weight 283.00 kg
Dimensions 200 × 140 × 70 cm



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