So what is that Bagua thing?

Posted on October 10, 2015

I know, an energetic map of your life sounds like science fiction, right? I thought exactly the same when I was introduced to this incredible piece of ancient Chinese wisdom.

So to help me explain how it works I’m going to keep it really simple by using a musical analogy.

Most of you would be familiar with a keyboard, or even possibly the ‘do, ray, me, fa, so, la, ti, doh’ that we used to sing to our heart’s content while watching ‘The Sound Of Music.’

In my last blog I made reference to the mystical Bagua.

I’ve been trying to think of an easy, user-friendly way of explaining how this ancient, Feng Shui tool works.

The Bagua is a mystical energetic blueprint representing the various aspects of your life. The Bagua includes things like health, family, relationships, career, creativity and knowledge.

The Bagua can be superimposed over your home or workplace for Feng Shui analysis. I will talk more about that aspect in my next blog.

Here it is below:

bagua map

Imagine that each area of your life around the Bagua is symbolised by a different note.
Each note has a different pitch, right? An A note is different to a B note. A C note is different to a D. A low E is different to a high E.

Ideally, each key is well-tuned and gives out a strong, crisp sound when lovingly struck.

This will be reflected in your life when each aspect is gradually moving forward through its natural cycles.

Symbolically, it is exactly the same for the Bagua.

Think of each area of the Bagua having a different ‘note’ associated with it.

For its individual ‘note’ to be played, it requires an instrument (environment) that matches the ability of the player (you,) a clear signal (no clutter) and it can be expertly tuned with items that symbolise the same sound (Feng Shui enhancements and natural elements.)

When energy and love is infused into the playing of these ‘notes,’ a fine melody of life results.

If one of the notes does not sound crisp or loud enough, then it may be due to an environmental block or imbalance, or maybe there is no love or energy there from you, the player. In that case, the complete melody may become ‘out of tune.’ It may need some re-harmonising.

Once you become comfortable with your current melody, you may decide to change to a different tune. It may seem a little strange at first, but with practise and perseverance, you become proficient, and are ready to grow again with a new song.

Maybe you feel like playing a completely new instrument (a change in scenery or style) so that you can play your unique melody again.

And so you move with the natural flow of nature that is reflected in the Bagua.

When your environment is balanced and is pulsating with the right ‘sound’ in each area of the Bagua, then your life can truly rock!

Here I’ve given you a glimpse in simple terms how the Bagua relates to your life. As I mentioned, I will explain in my next post how it relates to your environment, so make sure you ‘tune’ in next time!

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