Teeth! Feng shui, dreaming and diet

You may think it strange to find the words ‘teeth’ and ‘feng shui’ in the same sentence, and a few years ago, I would have rolled my eyes as well!

Dental discovery

My story begins with a trip to the dentist, and the subsequent finding of cracks in a couple of my teeth- those that were filled with mercury compound back in the day. To one, I was to have a removal and filling replacement, which was completed during the next visit.

On returning home, I looked up the area relating to teeth and found that it was resting in my laundry. It wasn’t really surprising to find cracks in the plaster covering the gyprock. Cracks in the surface? It was exactly what was happening in my mouth! And not only that – both my husband and my daughter were also experiencing dental problems!

Needless to say home maintenance in the laundry is now a top priority. But feng shui is only part of a holistic approach to health and wellness, and I discovered a few other interesting facets to my toothy situation…

Disaster and dental dreaming

Unfortunately, my tooth never recovered from being refilled, and infection and its close friend discomfort followed. A very lengthy and uncomfortable procedure resulted as I began root canal treatment to remove and clean out the infected nerve spaces.

After such a ‘bumpy road’ of an experience, during the next procedure I welcomed some meditation music and I settled back in the chair, trying to protect my mind from the trauma that was going on at the buccal end of my body.

That night, I had a very vivid dream.

Swimming at the bottom of a deep chasm I was relaxed and kind of meditating. When I looked around, I could see light coloured reef drop offs around me and lining one of the walls was bright green fanlike coral growths. I decided to return to the surface to breathe and to my horror there was a massive stormy sea, churning and forceful. Adjacent to a capsized boat there were a number of floating passengers with flashlights attempting to navigate over treacherous waves to the shore. I somehow joined them and we dragged ourselves onto the white sand.

A few days later I was studying one of my books when I suddenly realized that my body cells were communicating to me through my dream. The underwater chasm was my mouth and its sides were my jaw. The green coral was the bright lime coloured plastic rubber used in the dental procedure. The feeling of relaxing and meditating was where my consciousness lay while my tooth cells towards the surface were freaking out! They were shockingly frightened!

I felt so sorry that I had abandoned these body cells. For me, it was a pivotal moment – it gave me a profound insight into the relationship between my mind and my body. My mind and body were a team! And they can communicate with each other!

Not willing to desert my body cells again, during the next procedure I again listened to meditation music but kept my focus on my tooth surgery. I reassured the cells in my tooth and surrounding jaw that I was here with them this time; that we were in good hands and that only diseased tissue would be removed; there was no need to be afraid. I also took advantage of the situation and allowed any old energy that was causing the disease in the first place to be released.

Diet and teeth

Later, I was researching the spiritual aspect of teeth. During my research I came across some information that explained that dental disease can arise from from an imbalance in the diet and that there are certain nutrients that can support the health of your teeth.

One of these is bone broth. Now the thought of having to drink bone broth was certainly not pleasant. However after some helpful advice from a naturopath client I added some herbs and other ingredients and made a delicious lunch time soup.

Here is my bone broth soup recipe:

Bone broth soup for healthy teeth

  • Per serving:
  • 1 cup of bone broth
  • Tamari sauce
  • Partial stock cube to taste
  • Oregano ½ teaspoon
  • 100 g of cooked rice
  • 1 teaspoon Tomato paste
  • ½ Zucchini, diced
  • Broccoli – a few pieces, chopped into small pieces

Method- Bring the broth to the boil and add the other ingredients. Continue to simmer until the vegetables are cooked to your liking.

Now I just I have to add that the soup was actually very tasty and had tones of osso bucco in its flavour. Yum! I have also restarted my morning ritual of oil pulling- this is where you place a small amount (in this case coconut oil) in your mouth and pull it and push it around your mouth and teeth. It seems to protectively coats your teeth and they take on a lovely shine. I guess it is similar to moisturising your skin except it’s your mouth.

To conclude, this entire experience taught me the importance of taking an holistic approach to health and wellness – it is vital to include all of the factors that may be involved, and that includes your environment! In fact, my feng shui teacher told us of a feng shui master who was a chiropractor and if a patient came back 3 times with the same complaint, he used to joke that he was going to come and check their feng shui!

I hope you enjoyed this personal anecdote.

Love and blessings,


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