The Cosmic Way to Getting Shit Done!

To-do lists, ugly frogs, Ninja-like email cleanouts, it all becomes pretty overwhelming if you think about it too much.

So what if you switch off the ‘thinking’ and just concentrate on the ‘do?’ Without a to-do list or time schedule? Will things still be completed? Will you be distracted and go off on other tangents? Or will you somehow stay focused on the things that really matter?

Well this is something I explored yesterday when I decided to add nothing new to my ‘things to do’ and follow my intuition, being led by the ever abundant Cosmos and my Unseen helpers within.

What I discovered was that allowing myself to be gently guided throughout the day, my tasks were completed efficiently and occurred at just the right time. As a result, I finally checked off niggling jobs that had been waiting in the queue for quite some time. I found that I actually achieved much more than I expected.

This is how the day went:

I set my alarm for an early wake up.

While still in a dreamy state I sat upright in bed allowing my mind to experience peace and calmness for a few minutes.

After rising, I made the intention to be led in the best way possible to fulfill my daily tasks.

I went about my daily routines and in between kept an open mind about what I needed to do next and simply followed my hunches. These appeared as inner thoughts, pictures or feelings.

If a task popped into my mind, without interrupting what I was currently doing, I made a mental note to attend to this task when appropriately led to do so. Sometimes I wrote this down if required.

Now I’m not sure what part of my routine allowed all of this productivity to happen, but I like to think that the dreamy bed meditation is when the Cosmos ‘downloads’ my information for the day.

It settles into my mind’s energy field nestled precisely in the spot that loves to organise and take action. This information then transfers into my consciousness at the perfect opportune moment. And boom, it’s there for the taking.

An early start, quiet time and being led- this, my friends, is how I got shit done, the Cosmic way!

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