The day a cafe whispered to me

Posted on March 20, 2017

A recent family holiday brought many wonderful new experiences, and one of them in particular was uniquely surprising! Read on to find out what happened!

<pWe’ll find somewhere to eat on the way was our intention as we walked along the streets of Launceston on the way to the car hire. As we navigated the traffic lights and intersections, it wasn’t looking too fruitful, so I sent out a request to the universe as I often do for somewhere ‘tucked away’ that served great food and coffee.

“You must go to Cuccina’s” exclaimed our hire car sales manager, “It’s the best in Launceston!”

  Postponing our car pick up were now fairly hungry, off we marched towards the next corner to find the cafe.   On entering, it was immediately obvious there was almost a full house, however there was one table left other than the coveted window table (which was reserved) and we quickly settled down to study the menu.

  While enjoying breakfast and coffee, I began to   ponder whether the building had its own ‘soul.’ What if it could speak? What would it say? What would it be feeling?

  If I was this building, designed to nourish hungry customers while they enjoyed connecting with family and friends, I would certainly be very content.

  Looking at the walls, the shop had carefully selected artwork displaying smiling people enjoying coffee and other coffee related pictures. The thoughtful decoration served to enhance the cafe’s mission, perfectly aligned with creating beautifully presented, tasty food for happy customers.

  The breakfast was delightful and as I studied the environment around me I wondered whether the building had always been a cafe.

  Gazing down, I reflected on the tiled floor, bicoloured like a barber’s but with beautiful earthy colours amongst the dark tiles.

  As I did so, my senses and thoughts seemed to combine.

  I was overcome by a feeling of love, so intense that it brought a tear to my eye.

  It was if the building’s soul had reached out to me.

  It seemed to be conveying how grateful it was and how in love it was with people that came to eat and the quality menu being produced by its staff.

  The cafe appeared to be infused with love and radiating love at that very moment!

  I sat with the emotion for a few moments, somehow knowing that I had witnessed something very profound and special.

  After the meal, I asked the manager about the history of the building and whether it was always a shop involved with food. “Oh, yes, she said. The building was originally owned by a couple of Italian brothers and was a delicatessen. Their great granddaughter still lives upstairs.

  It caused me to wonder whether the intense emotions that I’d felt earlier were from the men who started the life of this building, whether their energy had infused and permeated it’s walls. Whether their love and commitment to making people smile were imprinted in the cafe’s bricks and mortar. Whether the honour, care and attention that they would have showed their ingredients and customers was forever embedded deep into the building’s structure.

  I couldn’t help feeling that buildings continually absorb the energy of the people that work and live there.

  So when a building is in alignment with its creator and its purpose, it can’t help but resonate love and joy.

  Thank you Cuccina Cafe for your beautiful food and fine service, not forgetting my delectable insight!


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