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Measuring feng shui changes – the living room

Have you ever been on a weight-loss or fitness program? You will understand how important it is to take measurements so that you can see the results of your good work.

Well, it is exactly the same when applying Feng Shui to your home. It is important to clarify what your goals are when you make adjustments so you are able to reflect on them at a later point.

Let’s say for example that you have a living room that nobody uses. You employ your Feng Shui consultant and they make recommendations based their analysis of the area, for example by observing the position of the furniture, the energy flow in the room, perhaps adjacent areas that may be causing energetic blockages as well as the room’s yin-yang and elemental balance.

You then follow their suggestions, taking care not to do too much at once (as is recommended.)

Days, weeks or maybe even just hours later, you notice that your family members are suddenly drawn into the room!

What was once a neglected, unloved space becomes a comfortable, popular area for your family and you all now love to hang out there.

As a quantifiable measurement, you might observe that your living area has changed from being used once a week, to several times a week. Your adjustments have resulted in an energy change in the room so that people are now attracted to this now welcoming area.

When you undertake your Feng Shui changes gradually, it is easier to pinpoint what result came from a particular adjustment.

You might just rearrange the furniture as recommended, and this results in a flood of visitors to your living space. Perhaps it was fixing the door or window, or replacing the curtains to something more attractive for your family. It might have been just painting the wall a different colour, or the introduction of a healthy indoor plant.

Whatever the adjustment was, by paying careful attention to the differences in life that occur, you can start to make the connections. Keeping an open mind and focussing your awareness on the often surprising happenings that result, is in my opinion, one of the secrets to to the mastery of Feng Shui.

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