Trash and Pleasure

Trash and Pleasure

It should be ‘trash and treasure’ I know, but this week it was really about pleasure.

Being a member of Freecycle, an online organisation that allows people to give and receive free items, I came across an offering that I had been waiting for, for some time.

7.06pm OFFER Janomi sewing machine..
7.15pm Excited return email ‘Yes please!’.
7.19pm Email request acknowledged - Success!!

The next afternoon, parking in the driveway of the Janome’s soon to be ex-home, I couldn’t help but notice the telltale signs of a resident hoarder, or at least one with a serious clutter problem.

As I walked towards the front door, the familiar smell of stagnant belongings and darkened corners reached my nostrils through a tiny gap of a window in disrepair..

Looking down, I saw the machine I was about to pick up, elevated by a foam box- my name was tagged on the top. I could see straight away that my new acquisition was going to need a good clean and some tender loving care. I even questioned what sort of condition it might be in as I lifted it into the boot.

As I drove away, joy suddenly filled me with the realisation that someone had built up the courage to give away one of their unused items. What a huge decision this could have been. Well done, I thought.

On closer inspection of my newly acquired Janome, I confirmed that the grime was widespread, splattered over the interior of the cover, inside the compartments of the machine itself and down the power cord and foot pedal.

The best part of 2 hours later, however, the ‘trash element’ was all but dissolved as the newness and quality of this superbly engineered sewing machine emerged.

It currently sits atop my kitchen bench so I can admire it between cleaning out the last few hard to get at places and showing it off to friends that come to visit. I can hardly believe my good fortune, but am very grateful. I love it so much already.

In the ideal flow of belongings, you move on anything that you no longer need, want or love. In Feng Shui, you would say that for you, the ch’i of the item has become depleted and is no longer serving you.

If the belonging is recycled, then it is filled with ch’i for the new owner, as for them, it is uplifting as it brings them joy and pleasure, just as it did for me this week.

Do you have anything that you no longer need or love that could bring delight and a big grin to a new owner? What a great reason to be involved in the groove of recycling.

Turning trash into treasure and pleasure.

Love and blessings,


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