Trillions of baguas!

Recently inspired by Bruce Lipton’s explanation of fractal geometry, the basis of nature’s architecture in his ‘Biology of Belief’ online course, I went on the hunt to find out if there was a traditional octagonal bagua shape to be found in nature.

Knowing that the energetic bagua map can be ‘stretched out’ on larger areas, such as properties or even cities, or ‘reduced’ to smaller ones such as homes, rooms, desks and drawers, I wondered if there was an ‘organic’ octagonal version to be found in nature.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the answer lay within our own bodies, and in fact all living things- they can be found inside any nucleated cells!

So I’ll back up a bit for those of you that are unfamiliar with, or have forgotten their high school biology. Every living thing is made up of tiny, microscopic living units called cells. Other than the simplest of living organisms, all have cells containing a nucleus, which houses the cell’s genetic material.

Now, if you look at your skin, you will know that you have tiny pores all over your body. Well, the nucleus of each cell also has a number of tiny pores. And the shape of the structure of these pores- yes, you guessed it, is in the shape of an octagon!

A teeny tiny bagua-shaped structure that is the gateway between the contents of the nucleus and its surrounding cytoplasm - the area of the cell where vital biochemical reactions take place.

Phew! What a finding!

Reading on about the structure, called the ‘nuclear pore complex,’ it was described as having 8 spokes that provided a strong but flexible casing, allowing a bit of stretch for different sized molecules to move through the tunnel it formed. It also has tentacle-like molecules inside that spin around and act as gatekeepers, allowing some, but not all molecules through.

What an amazing design to have inside our own living bodies. And since we have over 50 trillion cells, we have even more ‘baguas!’

To read more about the nuclear pore complex, our own living ‘bagua,’ here is the link:

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