Using your energy tracker and the importance of energy balance in daily life

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Your energy level impacts what you can and cannot achieve each day.

When your energy is high you can leverage on this and be productive. Use high mental or physical energy to

  • motor through those jobs and projects,
  • attend to the people you love and/or care for and
  • master the course that you are completing.

Your journal has a section called ‘Energy Level.’

Color in the stars to reflect what your energy level is. 

You can do this at the same time each day, perhaps in the morning or later in the afternoon. Do what works for you.

Once you have gathered some information about your energy level, you can take a look to see how your energy is fluctuating.If you are observing many days of high or low energy in a row, then you can reflect on whether you are being overstimulated or requiring more rest to recover.

What you want to see is a variety of energy levels, a natural flow that increases, then decreases, increases, then decreases. Up and down, a gradual undulating flow.

In summary, use your Energy Level tracker to monitor your energy levels.Avoid judging your energy level as good or bad.Notice the pattern of energy change, and if there is sustained high or low energy over many days, then reflect on your overall energy balance.

When your energy is not quite as high, you can plan around it. You can take on activities that do not require such intense concentration or physical stamina.

If your energy is low, then it may be time to recharge. You could:

  • Take some time out to unwind with a good book
  • Have a massage
  • Go for a bush walk
  • Have an afternoon nap
  • Meditate

Try not to judge your energy level.

We seem to be conditioned that having low energy, or feeling flat is a ‘bad’ thing. Well it is definitely not!

Your energy level will change. When your ‘battery power’ is full, or high, then you can utilize the available energy.This energy is ‘used up’ and then you may need to take some time to recover.

Just because you are low in energy does not mean that you are unhappy. You may have worked all day in the garden or helped a friend move or completed some other physical task.It is natural that your body’s energy is ready for a reboot, which of course happens when you sleep at night.

If you have been continuing to work at a high energy level for a number of days, and haven’t given your body and mind time to rest and recharge, then you may need to stop and take a pause.


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