Wardrobe decluttering tips

Change of season opportunity

The change of season is a wonderful opportunity to take a quick pause and have a look through your wardrobe. A cool or warm variation provides the opportunity to evaluate your current collection and move the appropriate items on and allow someone else to gain pleasure from wearing them.

Essential and uplifting

Remember, the key to success in home feng shui is to surround yourself with things that you love as well as the essentials. If they don’t, the best thing to do is gently let them go.

Classify from the outset

When examining the contents of your wardrobe, you might find it helpful to classify an item as short, medium or longer term in ‘shelf life,’ rather than leaving it there until it’s ch’i depletes to absolute zero.

I find when I browse and purchase an item, then classify it from the outset, it sets up the expectation that some of my clothes are just visiting to enjoy for a short while, others for a bit longer. It lessens my attachment to them and makes it so much easier to move them on when the time comes around.

For example, you may have items that really suit this season, but you know they will lose their ch’i as soon as next year rolls around. These, worn for a few months could be a short term item. Buy, enjoy wearing, let go. For example, this season’s blouse and shorts.

A medium term item might be one that has a shelf life of 2-3 years, such as an elegant evening gown or sturdy leather winter boots.

A long term item might be your denims- let’s face it, they just get better with age, don’t they?!

Don’t look back!

The present and future is yours, and letting go of the old will create the room for new beautiful pieces to adorn your wardrobe and yourself that arrive just at the right time and place.

Happy wardrobe decluttering!

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