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What feng shui element am I?

It comes from your Life Gua Number

The feng shui element that you are most likely referring to is the one associated with your ‘Life Gua Number.’ You may also see it written as the Fate Gua Number.

This number (From the 8 Mansion (or 8 Houses) System) can give you insights into your mindset and personality traits.

This information can be used to your benefit as it generates the locations of energy in your home that can nourish and support you, and others that may challenge you a bit more.
Your number will be one of the numbers 1-4 or 6-9. As each is associated with one of the 8 compass directions, 5, in the centre, is not counted.

Your element will either be water, wood, fire, earth or metal.

To calculate your Life Gua Number, you can use an 8 Mansion table, found in some feng shui books, or easily consult website software, which is very easy to do.

Finding Out Your Element

One such website is
To find out your element, visit this website, and follow the following procedure.
  1. Once on the home page, use the menu at the top and choose TOOLS.
  2. From this drop down menu, choose BAZI.
  3. Complete the information on the form and press the button ‘PLOT BAZI CHART’
  4. Scroll right down the page and find the section ‘EIGHT MANSION.’
  5. To the right, you will see written a large number, next to an image formed by thick solid and/or dotted lines. The number is your Life Gua Number.
  6. To find the element associated with your number, and therefore you, find your number in the following table.

Further reading

As well as the element, there are directions, personality features, industries and health issues associated with these Guas.
For more detailed information on how to utilise this information, please consult the following books:
Master Denise Liotta Dennis, Classical Feng Shui For Health, Beauty & Longevity, Llewelyn Publications, 2016.
Note: this is a first edition, be on the lookout for any subsequent editions that will cover the next 20 year energy period, period 9.
Master Denise describes in detail how each Life Gua information can be taken advantage of in the home for optimal health and well-being.
Joey Yap, Joey Yap’s Pure Feng Shui, Ryland Peters & Small, London 2008, is one of his older books, but has a good section on Careers associated with each Gua, which he still mentions from time to time in his more current online events.
Lillian Too, who collaborated with Master Denise’s teacher to write an introductory book on 8 Mansions, also has books that cover Life Guas and associated applications.

Gaining insights from your element

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Initially, learning what element you are can give you some insight into particular situations that you enjoy and you are aligned with.
For example, my Life Gua is number one. 

The element associated with the Gua is water. 

It so happens that I absolutely adore the water whether it be the ocean, river, swimming pool, spa, or just a plain old shower. 

If I ever feel a little out of balance I always know that I can draw on the water element to regain some harmony and inner calmness.
To book a clarity call to discuss your personal situation and find out more about how feng shui may help you, please book a 30 minute clarity call.

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