What is feng shui?

Translated as ‘wind-water,’ feng shui is so much more than ‘placement of furniture,’ although it can be amazing what changes can result from small actions such as these!

In ancient times, feng shui practitioners explored areas where the land forms and outlook would be auspicious for grave sites. The auspicious energy of the ‘dwelling of the dead’ would provide not only the deceased with auspicious energy, but also the person’s descendants.

In modern times, feng shui has been used across the world in architecture and building design, from large, corporate towers, multi-level apartment complexes, to hotels, public spaces and offices and residences.

Grand masters earn high commissions for their feng shui wisdom and skill in choosing the correct position and design to best support residents and the staff who work and live in these buildings.

Feng shui ultimately is about being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right activity.  

Feng shui deals with the earth realm of energy. It is about creating harmonious spaces in which to live and work. Homes that allow you to live, work, relax and play. Workplaces that support your business vision and influence staff in a positive way.

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