What to do if someone upsets your balance

In the book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers talks about saying ‘yes’ to the misfortunes that sometimes occur in our lives. To not pretend they are not happening. To not shy away from them, but accept and process them as appropriate to the situation.

So today I find myself at the brunt of a comment shot my way by someone close to me. Perceiving it as a negative comment and having the potential to ruin my otherwise peaceful and energising morning, I did what any other warm-blooded Australian woman would do- I turned my attention to the after stories of the TV series The Bachelorette.

Finding a great journalist who covered the finale episode with beautifully humorous sensitivity, my mood was brought back to buzzing along nicely. I was then able to reflect on the comment I had received and where it might sit from a Feng Shui perspective.

Acknowledgement, whether positive or negative, rests in the Fame and Reputation area of the Bagua. Its position in the map can be found here.

Taking a look around our hotel room, it occurred to me that there was some disorganisation on the coffee table in this area. A pile of books was scattered amongst clothes, magazines, stuffed toys, keys and other miscellaneous items.

Aha! I thought, there is the problem, right there. As soon as I was able, I tidied up the offending spot. Things were starting to feel better already.

That done, I realised that the TV was in the same area. As I looked at it, I remembered what I had been watching the night before for a good deal of time- The Bachelorette of course! My energy was uplifted by the same energy that had mesmerised me the previous night.

Acknowledging the enjoyment and fun I was having watching that show, the harmony was brought back to my mood. A misdirected comment was softened and neutralised by activating the pleasant state from the night before. Harmony reached.

It was my choice to allow a suggestion to be perceived as negative, and it was my choice to reflect on the event and look at ways to regain balance.

My intention was to uplift the energy of the situation, and I did this by accepting my mood, redirecting my thoughts and adjusting my environment relating to that desire.

Thoughts are projections of energy. The environment is made up of physical matter, which is also energy.

Aligning the positive energy of the mind with its environmental equivalent is like matching the intention of an intimate kiss with its sensual conclusion.

In life, a small, negatively perceived incident such as this one I encountered can become really helpful. It allows you to practise mind (and Feng Shui) techniques and explore what happens as a result.

If you feel instantly better, as I did, you know you are on the right track.

You can use these incidents for learning to sensitise the way you perceive the world, and the strength that they provide will enable you to deal with events in the future, that may not be quite to your liking.

You can make small adjustments to your environment to match and see what occurs.

Dealing with a number of ‘trivial’ events can prepare you for those larger ‘annoyances’ that sometimes come along. Imagine being able to diffuse a situation as quickly as smoothing moisturiser on your Summer skin.

And that is what our beautiful Bachelorette Sam will be able to ask her new beau Sasha to do now. She will no longer have to reach around her back to cover those hard to reach spots!

Well done Sam and Sasha, Australia is so thrilled for you.
We love a happy ending 🙂

Love and blessings,


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