The compass can be used to find auspicious energy in your home.

Which feng shui system is best?

Asking this question is just the same as asking “What kitchen applience is best?”
Just as you do in a kitchen, or any workshop, you choose the best tool for the task at hand. Before choosing a particular feng shui system, you need to know the nature of the changes you are looking for, or what sort of way in which you would like to use the available feng shui energy.

For example, as I write this article, there is particularly good energy in the South sector of my home, where my office is located. The energy (observing the Flying Star System) is positive, great for activities such as wealth, promotion and also the energy that boosts happiness and wellbeing. In this case, I am focussing my writing and investment activities here. I’m utilising both the Flying Star energy of the month that coincides with positive energy for the year.

The Flying Star System

The Flying Star System can also show you how your home’s energy blueprint (a bit like knowing the strengths and limitations of a building) is influencing its inhabitants.

It is great for analysing how the energy blueprint affects the health, wealth and relationships, as well as other aspects of family life.

Its a bit like having an astrology reading, but this one is based on the time of moving into the buiding (not apartments, there is another point of reference here) and also which way the building is positioned.

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Water features are a feng shui enhancement and cure.

If there is a longstanding issue that is affecting all of a home’s residents, then the answer could lie in the Flying Stars of the natal (‘birth’) chart.

If the issue has a shorter timeframe then the annual or monthly Flying Star influences can be analysed and then feng shui cures can be applied.

Let’s say the energy blueprint is looking good, but the home or maybe a room or two is feeling ‘not quite right.’ Maybe visitors don’t stay long, or there is disconnection within the family. In this case, the issue might be from the visible forms, either inside, or external to the property. Form feng shui and its associated tool kit could lead to a solution in this case.

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Can you see what might need adjusting here?

By now, I hope you can see that a good feng shui consultant will choose the appropriate feng shui system and tools that will best suit your personal situation. 

As a consultant, I take a holistic approach to solving any feng shui energy issues by looking first at the big picture, then analysing on a deeper level.

When looking at forms, or the things you can see, there may be an imbalance in some way, such as the yin/yang balance, or perhaps the elemental components inside the room. As a consultant, looking at a home, office or room through a ‘feng shui lens’ can be quite interesting. After all, your home or workplace tends to mirror what is going on in the inner world or worlds of the inhabitants.

If your home is flowing well energetically, and your family is coping well with the twists and turns of everyday life, then your feng shui is probably pretty good. 

If your home feels good, then the forms will be doing their job of welcoming vital ‘chi,’ the ‘cosmic breath’ inside and allowing it to be gently distributed throughout its corridors, rooms and spaces.

Taking a non-directional perspective

If using a compass and occupying certain spaces is not to your liking, then a Westernised, non-directional approach might be best for you. What I love about this Western Feng Shui system is that your main entrance is represented as the mouth of chi, and your home’s energy blueprint is calculated based on this point of reference.
Essential Feng Shui (R) is a simple but profound Westernised system that honors a heart-centred, intuitive approach, with forms analysis. This system, founded by Terah Kathryn Collins was my introduction into professional feng shui and laid a solid foundation for adding other feng shui system layers. For more information about courses, please contact The Western School of Feng Shui (TM) at

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Crystals can be used to enhance or balance energy.

You might say: “but doesn’t this contradict the compass-based system?” and you would be correct. One of the problems with feng shui systems is that there are contradictions. I have found, however, that each has its own uses. And different people have different preferences too.

What about if everyone in your family is pretty happy about life apart from one person? Then you could look at the 8 Mansions System.

This is another fairly simple but powerful energy system that looks at an individual’s energy blueprint over 8 compass directions and how it relates to the home and other members’ 8 Mansion charts.

One of the most important aspects is looking at an individual’s sector that holds their energy of identity in place. This can hold a lot of clues to what might be going on in someone’s life and can also be used to conduct specific energy activations to improve their situation.

The Qi Men Dun Jia System, an ancient metaphysical art used in warfare can even be used to analyse the energy of a property. You can analyse the property blueprint from using the position of the door and facing direction of the building, or by using its ‘oracle-like’ analysis. It can also give an idea how successful an occupant will be in their endeavours by using this system. 

As a student of Joey Yap, I absolutely adore this system and use it very often in daily life as well as with my customers to focus specifically on what might need adjusting in their homes.

candles and flowers can adorn the home office for a special treat


It takes many years to learn and experience different feng shui applications to gain the true knowledge and wisdom inherent in various systems.

Ultimately, its about choosing the tools that work for you and choosing a consultant that uses the perspective that you are most comfortable with.

For me, I like to use a combination of feng shui tools, depending on the situation at hand. A couple building a home has different needs to say, a family with teenagers.

I like to start with analysis forms before using a compass based system, and for day to day life I might use Flying Star energy when rooms are feng shui compliant in other ways.

As a complement to feng shui, I also like to look at the energy of the day from a BaZi and Qi Men perspective as well as other energy influences to make the most of my acivities and for my valued customers.

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