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Why feng shui is important in architecture

Architecture is the artful and scientific process of designing and building aesthetic and livable premises and other structures.
It often draws upon initial urban or rural planning, and includes consideration of landscaping, structure and materials, and the decorating and furnishing of spaces and constructs.
Feng shui is important when it comes to architecture because by honoring its principles, a home or other building can be positioned and structured so that it can have a long term favourable energetic influence on the residents or people who work there.
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Let’s look at a few examples.


There’s a new home on our street and it’s position gives it an outstanding panoramic views of Sydney’s Blue Mountains and a beautiful large neighbour hood dam. The dam itself is frequented by many birds and seasonal water lilies: it’s truly stunning.
The problem? There are no windows to make use of this natural and positive energy that could be enjoyed from some well placed vistas.
Mindful architecture could have created a completely different story here. How will this affect residents? Will disappointment set in after a little while? Perhaps they are simply blind to the potential their property offers.

Shape of building

Did you know that having a wider frontage of your home can impact your relationships? You might notice friends visit for a short while but don’t often stay to form deeper connections if you experience this situation. A ‘deeper’ home that spans front to back may result in deeper connections. Perhaps your visitors never want to leave!
If you take a look at some modern Australian house plans, you can see that they can be quite complex. Their shapes are often non-symmetrical and some rooms are not adequately equipped with functional additions for the use of the room. An example is a bathroom I saw recently with nowhere to store toothbrushes and other essential items.
The shape of a building is one aspect that can affect people in a very positive, or negative way. A regular shape, (square or rectangular) is much more favorable, but unfortunately, doesn’t always happen in modern urban architecture.
Having a regular shape means that all inhabitants will have their personal energy blueprints represented, with no missing corners, and similarly, the house blueprint itself.
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A bathroom should offer storage for essential and any desired luxury items.

Rooms and Corridors

You have probably seen the image showing the pattern of how humans occupy a home. They tend to spend time in the same rooms. But are these areas given due consideration when it comes to architecture?
A good example is a home laundry. This is an important and well-used room in the home. But, how many homes have a tiny laundry tucked at the back of the house that is poorly designed?
Before you build your home, reflect on the activities that you do. Make sure those rooms are easy to access and are fitted out so that they are a pleasure for you to be in.
After living with my husband in his home, I realized the advantage of having a laundry nearby to the kitchen.
It was incredibly functional and convenient. When we built our forever home, we designed a sizable laundry because it is a room that is used very often. Not only is it near the kitchen and the outdoors, but it is spacious and decorated with beautiful art. It has windows offering views of nature nearby and is pleasant to be in.
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Interior Design

If you are building your own home, you need to make decisions early on about how you want to fit out your interior.
Feng shui can come into play again here: different members of the family can have their bedrooms located in one of their personal auspicious areas.
Representations of elements, or the elements themselves (fire, water, wood, earth or metal) can be used to balance a space, or perhaps cure an energetic abnormality.
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Elements that support, or nourish members of the family can be placed in their respective auspicious energy locations.
A great interior designer can work with you to align your design with your inner self. Not just what the current trends are, but what makes your soul really sing.
This is something that I can help you with too, before you go and see your designer, if you want to know more about the types of finishes, patterns, elements and colours that you are deeply aligned with.
Just book a free 30 clarity call to prepare for an extremely insightful session!


Paying attention to the architecture of your home, and being mindful of the way that you want to use and enjoy the space as well as observing feng shui principles is a great attitude to have when it comes to your home.

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